• Single Application Lifetime Waterproofing

    Roof and insulation systems, that have important roles in preserving the natural structure and preventing the leakage of adverse weather conditions to the foundation of the buildings, are the most effective practices for long-lasting and energy-efficient buildings. These practices, which are important for the duration and efficiency of the building and implemented as heat insulation, sound insulation, and water insulation, should be carried out with the right materials and expert teams. One of the most important elements of insulation systems is the water isolation systems and practices. Water insulation systems, which aim to prevent moisture and preserve heat by preventing water leakage to the frontal of the building and prevent water from destroying the structure of iron and concrete in the foundation, are implemented with roof cover and rainwater drainage pipes. Also, water insulation, which is very important and frequently implemented for the foundation, is one of the most important insulation types among these.

    Considering that the building consists of iron and concrete systems, water is the substance that causes the most corrosion and deformation in these materials by its nature. Water, which is the biggest enemy of iron and has the effect of eroding concrete, is the biggest adversary of the buildings. This is why contact and leakage must be prevented. At this point, our company can be the best solution to prevent these. Our company, which has been providing roof and water insulation services for years protected and extended the life of numerous buildings against many adverse conditions, carries out the implementations of these extremely important systems. The only common thing in our services, which we separate into two categories as structural and surface water insulation, is preventing the water, i.e, moisture leakage to the building. Water discharge membranes and joint fillers implemented in various areas, which are some of the most important systems that prevent leakage, should be implemented very carefully so that they can provide the required efficiency. This can be only provided by experienced and professional companies and insulation foremen.

    We offer long-lasting and trouble-free roof insulation, i.e., heat and water insulation together with our team of the best roof insulation foremen in the industry with modern equipment.

    • ÜOur product is long-lasting,
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    • Implementations are carried out by skillful hands with years of experience,
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